Writing Review for Week of June 25th, 2018

Writing Review for Week of June 25th, 2018

This was a quieter week as I worked on some internal projects at TechCrunch. Two relatively short news pieces, one on JASK, which I have written about extensively on TC, and the other on a new company called Bumped.

Instead of points, Bumped gives equity in the companies you shop at

One of my personal pet topics is how to extend ownership of equity to more people (the equity of equity, essentially). Paired is trying to do this in loyalty, where they offer you fractional shares in the companies you shop at. It's a novel idea, and while it won't dramatcally change the dismal economcis of our society, it could definitely be a step in the right direction.

JASK nets $25m from Kleiner to build out autonomous security operations

Photo by Richard Patterson used under Creative Commons


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