Writing Review for Weeks of Oct 15 & 22, 2018

Writing Review for Weeks of Oct 15 & 22, 2018

Another busy two weeks (I repeat that a lot). I got the chance to review State Tectonics by Malka Older, cover a few news stories, and host TC Equity, the podcast that talks shop about VC.

In State Tectonics, an explosive ending for the future of democracy

Malka Older’s science fiction novel State Tectonics is an incredible romp through the future of democracy and politics. It’s filled with great vignettes, and has a thriller plot line as well. The characters are perhaps a bit underdeveloped, but in the end, people read speculative fiction for the speculation, and State Tectonics offers it in spades.

MIT announces new college of computing with $1 billion commitment

Major news story from MIT, which is going to put a serious amount of money behind artificial intelligence. This isn’t a crazy extension of MIT’s current capabilities, but I do think it is interesting to see how the Institute’s focus is coalescing around one field.

One-year-old Ribbon raises $225m to remove the biggest stress of home buying

A major funding announcement for Ribbon, which netted a large slug of equity and debt from investors to try to rebuild the home buying process. The model gets a lot of things right compared to competitors like Opendoor, and now they have the money to go out and prove it.

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