Korean Human Jaw Plastic Surgery Sculpture a Thing of Unusual Wonder

There isn't too much to say about this unique sculpture sitting out here in South Korea. Other than the human jaws, I guess.

JAWS – Coming to a Theater Near You! Photo taken from 시사주간.

One plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, in order to demonstrate its extensive patient list, received more than its share of marketing publicity after commissioning this scupture made from human jaws. Gangnam is a popular area for plastic surgery, and advertisements are nearly overwhelming when walking through its busy streets. Clinics are always looking to get one jawbone, er, leg up on the competition.

Police here in Seoul are investingating the clinic to determine if the clinic failed to properly dispose of any of the remains, a violation of the medical health laws.

Ironically, the fact that they have removed so many jaws doesn't really demonstrate their capability of building beautiful faces. After all, the fact that vampires drink blood doesn't make you an expert serologist, nor does getting a Communications degree from Stanford mean you can give post-game football interviews in any sort of fluent way.