Hiatus Over

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Springtime is in the air, and so is the annual cleaning of this blog. I have taken a break over the past few months to consider what I want to focus on in my work, and in my writing. That process has now been completed, and with any luck (and a little bit of tea), new posts will begin to emerge on this website.

I want to indicate a couple of changes to the editorial content and the website for those who have followed me through all of the iterations of my website over the years.

  1. I have changed the name of my blog over the years from Informed Skeptic, to Danny Crichton, and now, "Hacking VC." I think this new title best describes what the focus of my writing will be in the coming year, namely thoughts and ideas that come from my work as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. There will also be some code examples occasionally as I learn new programming languages and libraries over the next couple of months and years. In addition because I cannot restrain myself, I will also include a random smattering of foreign affairs and politics in here. Sorry in advance.

  2. I have refreshed the theme (yet again). There is now more focus on the content, with a greater width for columns as well as a simpler design. I'll never stop tinkering with the layout, but I like where this is right now.

  3. I have started using Twitter more – you should follow me if you haven't already.