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Formerly, I was a venture capitalist at Charles River Ventures and General Catalyst. I'm a Harvard PhD dropout and a graduate of Stanford in Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

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  • The Rise of China
  • Data Sovereignty and the fracturing of the internet
  • Cost Disease
  • Economic development in the 21st century
  • The challenge of megaprojects and infrastructure

Image of the Week: Modernity in South Korea

Buddhist Shrine in Downtown Seoul

I have arrived in South Korea, and now that the jetlag and immigration offices have been handled, I finally have the time to begin updating this blog with a little more frequency (of course, I am no doubt setting myself up to fail on that point).

I study industrial policy, which is heavily related to science and technology policy and political economy. The picture above, shot in the center of Seoul, encapsulates what in my mind is so fascinating about South Korea: a rush to the future at breakneck speed. Few countries have ever industrialized as fast as South Korea, and despite the attempt of many, I believe those ranks will stay rather small even into the future.


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