Short: Congressional Gym Debacle - Let's Keep It

I will attack ABC News again, this time for writing about the Congressional Gym (the link is to the syndicated article). Ever since the release of more Anthony Weiner photos, some of which were taken in the gym, there has been a ballyhoo over this exclusive perk denied to the general public.

The outrage is starting to bite me though. First, many white collar employees at corporations are provided subsidized gymnasium memberships as a benefit of their employment. Considering the background of most members of Congress, this would seem to be a typical benefit.

More importantly though, why on earth should congressmen spend time commuting to a private gym? The reason that companies provide on-site services like exercise rooms is to give their employees more time to do their jobs. Congressmen are already over-scheduled. It seems to me that paying for a gymnasium should be thought of less as a class warfare issue, and more as an investment in ensuring that our representatives are given every opportunity to succeed at their duties. Considering their effect on American society, I think the people are the ones who are getting the bargain.