Hi, I'm Danny. I’m managing editor at TechCrunch and I analyze issues of technology and global power. Get in touch at

Formerly, I was a venture capitalist at Charles River Ventures and General Catalyst. I'm a Harvard PhD dropout and a graduate of Stanford in Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

Current Obsessions

The things I think about every day:

  • The Rise of China
  • Data Sovereignty and the fracturing of the internet
  • Cost Disease
  • Economic development in the 21st century
  • The challenge of megaprojects and infrastructure

New Article: Fraying at the Edges

I haven't updated my blog recently due to the new quarter and a new series of articles I am writing for the Stanford Review. I am looking at the changing role of the humanities in university education, especially at Stanford. The first piece looks at the history of higher education and how its changing structure has helped and (mostly) hindered the development of the humanities over the past 100+ years. It is available online at


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